Genital Mouth Warts

People who are infected with genital warts have the ability to pass it along to their sexual partners through oral sex. Many of these people will not realize that they are broken out because there are no physical symptoms on the outside of their bodies. The warts are on the inside and can only be seen through certain examinations.

When passed along through oral sex it is possible that some people will develop genital mouth warts. This is a rare condition that is able to occur in people who are sensitive to this condition or who have weak immune systems. Although having this condition in the genital region is uncomfortable having it inside of the mouth is even worse. It is easy to identify genital warts because of their cauliflower like appearance.

There is no cure for genital mouth warts. Patients must rely on wart medications given to them prescribed to their doctors. Many of these treatments can still be painful for them and even with this help it will take days or weeks for the condition to completely disappear.

In order to avoid contracting genital mouth warts you must wear condoms during oral sex. However, this is not 100% effective in preventing genital warts. The best thing you can do is to not have numerous sexual partners and to not have sex with anyone you know that has ever had this condition.

If you believe that you have genital mouth warts you should make an appointment with your doctor right away. They will examine you and prescribe you the proper treatments that will help to treat it and remove them quickly.