Medication For Genital Warts

It is important that people who have been diagnosed with genital warts visit their doctors immediately. This condition is a sexually transmitted disease and as such it can be passed along to other people very easily through touch and other means. The best way to treat the infection and the symptoms quickly and effectively is to use the medications that your doctor will give to you.

Home Treatments

More then likely your personal doctor will examine you, diagnose the problem, and then prescribe genital wart medicines that you are able to take at home. The most common of these include:

  • Aldara
  • Conylox
  • Veregen

Aldara and conylox – also known as imiquimod and podofilox are the more effective treatments to use and can be easily applied to the infected area while at home. You must follow the instructions carefully.

Treatments By Your Doctor

In rare cases the patient will require the doctor to treat the area for them. This will happen when they cannot reach the infected region, the region is too large, or they wish to have the warts removed as quickly as possible. These treatments are expensive, can be painful, and will put you at risk for many side effects. These genital warts medicines include:

  • Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or bichloroacetic acid (BCA).
  • Podophyllin resin
  • Intralesional interferon.
  • Fluorouracil

Pregnant Woman

Women who are diagnosed with genital warts when they are pregnant are not allowed to take the same type of medications. Some doctors will treat them with includes trichloroacetic acid and bichloroacetic acid. These are known to be very effective and safe for both the mother and the baby.