Signs Of Genital Warts

The only way we are able to effectively treat and remove genital warts is we understand and learn how to spot the signs that we have them. These signs or also common symptoms of genital warts. When you recognize one or more of them you should make an appointment with your doctor right away for immediate treatment.

Common Signs

  • Bleeding during sexual intercourse
  • Itching in the genital region
  • Discomfort in the genital region
  • Swollen bumps that have a grayish color to them
  • Tiny warts that are clustered together and look like small cauliflowers

Affected Areas

Men – scrotum, anus, and penis
Women – perineum, vulva, anus, cervix, and vagina
Both – in rare cases the warts will be seen on the thigh or groin region

Some people will not have any type of signs that will alert them to their problem. However, this does not mean that you do not have it. The HPV virus is known to incubate inside of a person’s body for several months and possibly even years after they have been infected. During that time you could be spreading it to other people without ever knowing it.

In order to keep from suffering from any of the symptoms of genital warts and to spare others from it you must take precautions against it. These methods include not having sex, having only one partner, and practicing safe sex. Remember though that even if you practice safe sex with condoms or by other means it will not guarantee you a safe ride. These are not 100% effective and it is still possibly to be affected by this and other diseases. It is for this reason that we encourage that you have regular checkups with your doctor.